11 June 2009

How Tehran Sees the U.S.

Tehran's Take
Mohsen M. Milani
from Foreign Affairs

My colleague at the University of South Florida, Professor Mohsen Milani, is one of the nation's leading experts on Iranian foreign policy. Though much has been written about U.S. policy toward Iran, it is rare to find thoughtful analysis - at least in English - of Iran's foreign policy toward the U.S. In this article from Foreign Affairs, Milani provides an insightful and lucid explanation of Iran's strategic logic, and describes the assumptions that guide their rhetoric, actions and world view. He offers a perspicacious look behind the sensationalistic Western media portrayal of an irrational and undeterrable nation to see the view from the other side. -RB

Iran’s foreign policy is often portrayed in sensationalistic terms, but in reality it is a rational strategy meant to ensure the survival of the Islamic Republic against what Tehran thinks is an existential threat posed by the United States. Read