27 August 2009

Collection of Recent News Items

I often post pointers to items on Twitter that I may not mention or expand upon here. So for those of you who are interested, here is a collection of my recent "Tweets" for your perusal.

  • Iran’s activity in East Africa (ITIC) http://ow.ly/ll1X
  • Youssef Megahed--The Question is Why? (IPT) http://ow.ly/ll0N
  • The End of War as We Knew It? Insurgency, COIN & Lessons from the Forgotten History of Early Terror Networks (Arquilla) http://ow.ly/lii5
  • Mastering Counterinsurgency: A Workshop Report (Brookings) http://ow.ly/lihi
  • Forces of Forture (Nasr)-A new business-minded middle class in Muslim world - key winning Cold War vs Iran and extremists. http://ow.ly/lidv
  • Is a Green World a Safer World? A guide to the coming green geopolitical crises. http://ow.ly/libZ
  • The Armageddon Test: Paper examines the threat of nuclear terrorism and possible preventive defense strategies.(BCIA) http://ow.ly/liaX
  • Terrorist Dropouts: One Way of Promoting the Counternarrative: http://ow.ly/li8U
  • Social sharing has national security role http://bit.ly/13iZ7D
  • Enhancing Interrogation: Advancing a New Agenda (PARAMETERS-New Article) (John Wahlquist): http://ow.ly/laek
  • Intelligence in Contemporary Media: Views of Intelligence Officers. (McLaughlin). Studies in Intelligence (supp): http://ow.ly/l9z9
  • Policing: Jour. of Policy & Practice. Spec Issue on Extremism. Intel-led Policing; Rise of Hate Groups & more: http://ow.ly/l9wx
  • Globalization Quiz - These are always fun. 8 questions about how the world works: http://ow.ly/l3hS
  • LRA pillaging, torching homes, looting in Western Equatoria. 2 killed. 10 girls abducted from a local church. http://ow.ly/kZfR
  • 2nd Interdisciplinary Workshop on Security and Human Behavior, at MIT-(Audio via Stefano Mele) http://ow.ly/kUdm
  • The 'genocide' in Darfur isn't what it seems (CSM): http://bit.ly/N3NQD