25 January 2010

B|A|H Center of Excellence on Iran

You may already have heard, but Booz Allen has officially launched "Persia House" their Center of Excellence on Iran and the Persian Gulf. B|A|H is a business so this is a membership/subscription service; it's not free. They are, however, making most of the content (except for News briefs and Quick briefs) available for FREE for its first 30 days of operation, which will end January 31st, 2010. So if you act quickly, you still have a few days to check it out. BTW - I have no financial interest in B|A|H nor in the "Persia House" product line. I am simply a pedestrian observer and collector of information.

Ken Stringer and Mark Fowler, Directors of "Persia House" say their goal is:

to provide distinctive insights on Iran and the Persian Gulf by drawing on the deep linguistic and analytic expertise and experience of our core staff as well as a worldwide network of contacts intimately familiar with the region's issues and emerging trends, and the broader capabilities of Booz Allen Hamilton.