05 June 2010

FP Globalization Junkie Quiz

The FP Globalization Quiz

May/June 2010

Are you a globalization junkie? Then test your knowledge of global trends, economics, and politics with 8 questions about how the world works.

(SGSAC: I very rarely get these all right, but I do love the quizzes)

1. If the United States deported all its illegal immigrants at once, how long would the bus convoy be?

  • a) 18 miles b) 180 miles c) 1,800 miles

2. The world's wind-power generation capacity increased how much in 2009?

  • a) 11 percent b) 21 percent c) 31 percent

3. Which country had the highest rate of economic growth in 2009?

  • a) Afghanistan b) China c) Qatar

4. In 2009, China produced 568 million metric tons of crude steel. How much did the No. 2 country produce?

  • a) 88 million metric tons b) 298 million c) 458 million

5. Which country spends the most time on social-networking websites?

  • a) Australia b) Japan c) United States

6. Which country had the lowest rate of economic growth in 2009?

  • a) Latvia b) Lithuania c) Iceland

7. How much did new-car registrations change last year globally?

  • a) 14 percent decrease b) no change c) 7 percent increase

8. By how many percentage points did worldwide unemployment change from 1999 to 2009?

a) up 0.2 points b) up 1.2 points c) up 2.2 points

Answers are HERE.