16 May 2011

Society of National Security Professionals (SONSP)

The Society of National Security Professionals (SONSP) is a not-for-profit professional society dedicated to bringing together practitioners from a variety of professional disciplines with a common interest in improving the national security community of practice. SONSP welcomes past, present and future experts from a wide-variety of career fields to exchange information, experiences and best practices.

SONSP created several valuable tools to help our members excel in their individual career efforts while fostering a spirit of teamwork and cooperation among different communities.

  • SONSP Community of Interest Collaboration Center – web based tools for practitioners from the civil service, military, private industry and academia that provide the latest news from think tanks, news services, and federal departments on relevant topics related to national security. The resource library serves as an information clearing house for recent reports and information from a variety of sources.
  • SONSP Virtual Mentoring – is a career development feature that matches mentees with mentors based on a variety of factors such as personality traits, experience and professional interests. Powerful tools currently used by numerous Fortune 500 companies provide structure to the process and ensure realistic and achievable goals are set for the mentee.
  • SONSP Certifications – will set the industry standard for the national security practice. Professional certifications will be awarded to practitioners who possess the required knowledge and experience and complete our rigorous training and certification examination. Three levels of certification will be available commensurate with a candidate’s level of knowledge, experience, training and education. An SONSP certified professional will have a thorough understanding of national security theory and policy and will be a valuable asset to any organization with an interest in national security.
  • SONSP Scholarship Foundation – will provide financial support for individuals who wish to continue their professional development through traditional and non-traditional means.
SONSP supports the concepts outlined in Executive Order 13434 and will enable a broader audience to participate in this community.

From now through December 1, 2011, we are currently accepting new members and membership fees will be waived for the first year.

You can submit your application online HERE.